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Getting Started with the Tell Graham Survey

  • The code from an invoice or invite is needed
  • The survey’s Privacy Policy can be reviewed
  • Graham contact information is available

When it comes to plumbing solutions, it’s hard to say anyone does it better than Graham.  With that being said, it comes as no surprise that the company is interested in hearing back from its customers (it’s hard to be the best without knowing what’s going through the mind’s of your customer base).  In order to get started with the “Tell Graham” online survey it will first be necessary to enter the code shown on an invite card or invoice.  Once the code has been entered the Next button can be clicked to proceed with the feedback.  Those who need help finding the code may wish to take a look at the sample invoice and invite images posted at the right side of the Tell Graham survey.

A Fresh Look at Graham

  • Started off in Glasgow in 1936 as Thomas Graham & Son (a rich tradition!)
  • Altech and Alterna are 2 of the top brands offered (great quality and value)
  • Offers customers the ability to view transactions and account details online
  • Provides training focused on renewable energy and sustainable building
  • Benefits and rewards are offered by the “Plumbers’ Club” loyalty program

It should be pointed out that the code found on the Tell Graham survey invite card will either be 3 or 4 digits in length (depending on which invite card was received).  Further, the location of where the code can be found on the both the invite cards and the invoice is circled in red.  In addition to the sample images the survey’s Privacy Policy can also be reviewed by clicking the link posted at the bottom left hand side of the page.

Graham often has both full-time and part-time employment opportunities available.  Those interested in a position with Graham can try contacting the company’s recruiting department by phone or by email correspondence.

Graham’s Recruiting Contact Information

  • recruitment@sgbd.co.uk
  • 024 76 438866


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  1. The advice I received from Ian at your Chester branch (branch 236) was extremely helpful even though there was no sale involved. He took considerable time, was friendly and knowledgeable. Many thanks Ian!

  2. Monica at Marble Arch was extremely friendly and helpful when I purchased new coat today. She reminded me I could get 20% off as I was a Sparks card holder . I am extremely pleased with my purchase as I managed to get a petite size in something I liked For a change. And it was a pleasure dealing with Monica.

  3. Penicuik branch 614 helpfully knowledgeable staff been using this branch for over 5 years now never with any problems brilliant

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