www.tellivars.com – Begin Survey Ivar’s Seafood Customers

Tell Ivars

  • Survey process can be completed online
  • City of restaurant must be selected to begin
  • Ivar’s headquarters contact info is available

Seafood lovers who have recently had a dining experience at Ivar’s now have the opportunity to provide the restaurant with some valuable feedback about a recent visit through the Tell Ivars survey.  In order to get started it will be necessary to navigate to the survey homepage and select a city or area of the restaurant that was dined at.  After selecting a location customers will need to confirm the date of the visit, time of the visit, and name of the server. The first piece of information Ivar’s wants to know is how likely customers will be to recommend the restaurant to a friend.  This portion of the survey can be answered by using a sliding rating scale with 10 being the most likely and 1 being the least likely.  The next portion of the Tell Ivars survey will require customers to answer yes or no questions using the same sliding rating scale with 5 being the highest “Yes” and 1 being the lowest “No”.  At the end of the survey customers can opt to expand on their answers by use of a blank field where comments can be left.

A Little Bit About Ivar’s

  • The restaurant’s origins begin in 1938 when Ivar Haglund opened a Seattle aquarium
  • Ivar’s offers 24 fast casual seafood bars along with 3 full service waterfront restaurants
  • Operates out of nearly 20 regional stadium concession including Seattle’s Safeco Field

Prior to submitting the Tell Ivar’s survey it will necessary to enter a name, email address, and daytime phone number.  Customers with questions for Ivar’s can try getting the answers they need by sending an email to webmail@keepclam.com.  Those who would rather make inquiries over the phone or by mail can do so by writing to or calling Ivar’s headquarters.

Ivar’s Headquarters

  • 1001 Alaskan Way Suite 109 Seattle, WA 98104-1028
  • 206-587-6500