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How to Take the Tell M and S UK Survey & Enter the Prize Draw

  • Survey participants receive entry to a prize draw upon completion
  • Participants can review the Terms & Conditions of the draw
  • Customers can contact Marks and Spencer with inquiries



It can be hard for a retailer to place a value on how much an honest opinion from a loyal customer is truly worth.  Therefore, many businesses now offer a little monetary incentive for those who decide to provide feedback through an online survey.  For example, Marks & Spencer is now offering customers a chance to win £250 by taking part in the store’s Tell M and S UK survey.  In order to begin the survey, participants must first enter the required information from a store receipt (date of visit, time of visit, and the three codes).

But what if I don’t have a receipt?

  • Customers can still take the survey by entering a date, time, region, and location
  • Regions are in a drop down menu and range from East to Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Customers can choose from one of more than 20 different M&S locations to rate
  • The survey requires customers to click the appropriate link to begin without a receipt

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that the participants can reference a sample image of a Marks & Spencer receipt directly from the survey start page (it only shows the bottom of the receipt where the relevant data is listed).  In addition to the sample image, the survey also provides participants with a list of the previous prize winners (try to become one of them!).

A Quick Look at the Tell M and S UK Survey & Enter the Prize Draw

  • The draw will award £250 to 1 lucky winner for each month that it’s open
  • Participants may only receive up to 2 survey entries per week (per household)
  • Whoever wins should send notice by email within 15 days of the prize draw’s end
  • Winners will receive their prize in the form of a cheque (too bad it’s not cash!)
  • The EWM Cares survey prize draw offers the same £250 prize (popular amount!)

While on the topic of the prize, it should be pointed out the winner will forfeit the £250 if they don’t accept the prize within 14 days of notice.  Further, winners cannot transfer their prize and must accept it as awarded.  Participants can review the full set of rules  by clicking the Terms & Conditions link located at the bottom of the Tell M and S UK survey.  In addition to its Terms & Conditions, the survey also provides participants with a copy of its Privacy Policy.

An Aerial View of Marks and Spencer

  • Over 1,000 Marks and Spencer locations are located throughout the United Kingdom
  • The retailer employs more than 80,000 people and runs over 400 international locations
  • M&S sells online and in stores to more than 50 countries worldwide (quite the foot print!)
  • The store posted over 10 BILLION in total revenue in 2018 (an amazing accomplishment)
  • M&S origins date all the way back to 1884 in Northern England (incredibly rich history)

Those with customer service inquiries for Marks & Spencer can try calling 0333 014 8555 for assistance.  Meanwhile, customers with general questions for the company can try contacting the Marks & Spencer headquarters in London.

Tell M & S UK Survey Prize Draw Promoter

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  • 020 7935 4422


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