www.tellmandscafe.co.uk – Begin 2019 Cafe Survey M&S Guests

Tell M and S Cafe UK and Win!

  • Guests can use the codes found on a purchase receipt to launch the survey
  • Those who successfully complete the survey will earn entry to a prize draw
  • Survey participants can review the recent winners and the rules of the draw

Shortly after sitting down to a meal, some customers may experience the unrelenting desire to begin telling everyone they’ve ever met about how it was.  Fortunately, there are now plenty of ways for customers to put their opinions to good use.  For example, those who have recently sat down to eat at an M&S cafe can now put that desire to a more constructive use with the Tell M and S Cafe UK survey (and thus allowing the postman to get on with his route instead of listening to how perfectly cooked the appetizers were).  Once at the survey, the participant must enter a date, time, and codes (A,B, and C) as shown on the purchase receipt.  Upon completion of the survey, participants will receive the opportunity to enter into a prize draw for a chance to win £250!

Wait, what was that about £250??

  • There’s a limit of 2 survey entries per household per week (seems reasonable enough)
  • The draw will award 1 winner per month from among all valid survey completions
  • Winners will find out they won the cash within 15 days of the end of the prize draw
  • An alternate winner may be selected if no contact can be made in three tries
  • The £250 monthly prize will be awarded as a cheque (as long as it spends!)

Participants can review the Terms & Conditions associated with the prize draw by clicking the link found at the bottom left hand side of the Tell M and S Cafe survey.  By the way, those who DO NOT have a receipt can click the No Receipt? Click Here link and enter a date, time, region, and location to begin the feedback process.  Meanwhile, customers can also take the survey by phone by dialing 01223790369 from the United Kingdom or 014854179 from the Republic of Ireland.

Tell M & S Cafe UK Prize Draw Promoter Address

  • Waterside House, 35 North Wharf Rd., London W2 1NW