www.tellmeadowhall.com – Take Guest Survey & Win £250 Gift Card

Tell Meadow Hall

  • Meadow Hall survey can be completed online
  • Completion of survey earns entry to prize draw
  • Terms & Conditions are available for review

Most businesses understand that time is valuable.  Perhaps that is why many are offering some sort of incentive when asking customers to provide feedback through an online experience survey.  Those who have received an invitation to take the online survey regarding a recent experience at Meadowhall Centre will receive a chance to make their time valuable to the tune of £250!  Customers who like the idea of some extra buying power in the pocket can begin the survey online at the Tell Meadowhall page.  Upon completion of the survey participants will be entered into a prize draw for a shot at winning a £250 Meadowhall gift card.  Those who would rather review the Terms & Conditions associated with the prize draw BEFORE spending the time to take the survey can do so by clicking the Here link posted at the Tell Meadowhall page.

Going Over the Terms & Conditions with a Highlighter

  • A total of 1 Meadowhall gift card will be awarded for each month of the prize draw
  • Each of the prize draws will come to an end on the last day of each calendar month
  • Prize draw entrants must reside in the United Kingdom and be at least 18 years old
  • There is a limit of 1 entry per week per person (Meadowhall employees not eligible)
  • A name and email address must be submitted to be entered into the prize draw

Whoever is chosen to receive the £250 gift card will be notified within 14 days of the end of the month (winner will be selected at random under independent supervision).  Partipants who want an idea of how much more is left of the online survey can find out by glancing at the progress bar posted at the top of the Tell Meadowhall page.  Those with questions for Meadowhall can try reaching out via phone or mail correspondence.

Meadowhall Contact Information

  • Sheffield S9 1EP
  • 0333 313 2000