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The Week Puzzle:  Playing Crosswords and Sudoku

  • Solvers must choose an issue to begin
  • Both puzzles provide printing options
  • Readers can sign up for a 4 week trial

Few can resist the challenge of a good crossword or Sudoku puzzle (perhaps even harder to resist than the Florida Sweeps from Woman’s Day).  Fortunately, puzzle fanatics everywhere can now take advantage of the weekly challenges provided by The Week.  Puzzle solvers must first select an issue date to get started with a crossword or Sudoku.  After selecting an issue, players can immediately begin solving one of the available puzzles (crosswords are posted on top and Sudoku on bottom).  In addition to online solving, players can also print the puzzles off to play the old-fashioned way (sometimes a pen and paper are much more satisfying!).  Players who are stumped can click the link posted at the bottom of The Week Puzzle page to bring up the solutions to both puzzles (better luck next time!).

The Week Subscription Details

  • The Print Plus Digital subscription offers access to the magazine and the online edition
  • The Week Print Edition provides 50 weekly home deliveries (no online edition though)
  • Subscribers will pay $1.19 an issue for 2 year’s worth of a Print Plus Digital subscription
  • Subscribers will pay $0.99 an issue for 2 year’s worth of The Week Print subscription
  • The Week offers 1 year subscriptions but at a higher per issue price that the 2 year

The magazine offers its puzzle players the chance to score 4 risk-free issues at the bottom of The Week Puzzle page.  Players can take advantage of the offer by completing a brief online form with a name, address, and email address.  In addition to the risk-free trial, players can also give The Week as a gift by clicking the button posted at the top right hand side of the page.

Giving The Week as a Gift

  • The purchaser must first select the type of subscription (Print Plus Digital or Print only)
  • After selecting the type of subscription the duration must be chosen (1 or 2 year length)
  • Purchases must enter both their own name and address as well as the recipient’s
  • The Week accepts subscription payments by credit card or with a PayPal account

Subscribers can manage a subscription online by logging into The Week with an account number, zip code, and address.  The Week also offers over the phone assistance along with help via email correspondence.

The Week Customer Support

  • theweek@customersvc.com
  • 877-245-8151


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