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Tire Rack CTNA Employee Discounts

  • This is a Tire Rack consumer discount for Continental employees
  • You’re gonna need your employee number and referral number
  • Tire Rack customer support is available
  • Live chat assistance is also supported at www.tirerack.com/ctna

Hey, employees are consumers too.  That said, let’s see how we can put those employee discounts to good use!  Here’s a helpful little guide on how you can take advantage of your Continental Tire employment status at Tire Rack.

How to Access Your Employee Discounts at www.tirerack.com/ctna

Okay, so in order to access the employee pricing you’re gonna have to log into Tire Rack.

To do so, enter your name, referral number, and employee number (only a last name is necessary).

Don’t have your employee number or referral number?  Better get on the horn with your HR department!

Once you’re logged in, the pricing will magically change to show that sweet employee discount on Continental tires!

Please note that you’ll be able to shop for other brands but there will be NO DISCOUNT (regular Tire Rack prices will be shown).

Looking for some discounts on Bridgestone Tires?  If so, the Bridgestone Rewards program might be just what you need!

By the way, as a Contiemntial employee, you’ll be able to take advantage of this Tire Rack consumer discount up to a total of 12 times per year (that’ll take care of a lot of cars!).

Need help with a Tire Rack order?  Call 888-981-3953 to speak with customer service.  They’re available between 8 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday and from 9 AM and 4 PM ET on Saturdays.

While on the topic of tires, have you completed your online tire registration form yet?  If not, you may wanna do so ASAP.  If there happens to be a recall on your tires, registration is KEY.

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