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Tire Registration is a big deal.  Here’s what you need to do, ASAP!


Start by entering your country (a drop-down list appears when you click the arrow).

Once you confirm your country, move onto the next drop-down list (off to the right-hand side).

Next, select the brand of tires you own (Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Medalist, Fisk, Riken are available to choose from).

After you entered both the country (United States, Mexico, or Canada) and tire brand, tap the Go button to proceed with the easy online registration process.

You can also read about how your information is protected at www.tireregistration.com.


Continental Tire Registration

  • You’ll need to fill out the online Continental Tire Registration form
  • Here’s the address to the form:  register.cimstireregistration.com
  • Be sure to fill all required information and click the Submit button
  • The dealer should have provided you with the DOT tire identification number
  • Other stuff you’ll need to provide:  Custome information, tire information, and dealer information

In addition to Continental, there are several other major tire brands that are not available to register at www.tireregistration.com.  Here’s a list!


Major Brands That CANNOT be Registered at www.tireregistration.com

Cooper Tire Registration – If you bought a set of these, go to the brand’s main webpage to register.

Bridgestone Tire Registration – Just like Cooper, Bridgestone gives you everything you need to register your tires at their main site.

Hankook Tire Registration – Be sure to have plenty of details ready when registering Hankook tires (DOT, pattern, quantity, and tire size are ALL needed).

Pirelli tire Registration – Simply fill out a 3-page online form and VIOLA!  You have yourself some newly registered tires.


Questions about Michelin Tires?  Contact the Michelin Man! Here’s his contact info (it’s actually just the address and phone number for Michelin customer service).


Michelin Customer Service Contact Information

  • PO Box 19001
  • Greenville, S.C. 29602-9001
  • 866-866-6605



More consumer registration information!

Buy a Rigid power tool product?  Complete the Rigid registration form.






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