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When it comes to training, sometimes the easiest and most effective way to get the job done is with the assistance of an online portal.  With that being said, those who make use of the TKC Training System from TKC Holdings likely agree with this statement.  Individuals who require access to the training system can make it happen in just a matter of seconds by navigating to the system’s homepage and entering a username along with an account password before clicking the Login button.  The process of gaining access to the system can be made even EASIER by checking the Remember Username box located beneath the login fields (credentials will be saved for an expedited account access process in the future).  It is important to point out that cookies must be enabled within the browser being used to access the TKC Training System (the electronic kind, not oatmeal, chocolate chip, Oreos, macaroons, or even Fig Newtons!).

A Quick Look at the TKC Holdings Companies 

  • Trinity Services Group – A leading food service provider operating in more than 40 states
  • Keefe Group – The number 1 supplier of food and personal care products in its industry
  • Courtesy Products – Provides in-room coffee services to hotels across the United States
  • TKC Holdings mission is to “Satisfy Customers with Integrity and Innovation” (well put!)

It’s well worth noting that some courses within the TKC Training System allow for guest access.  Those who prefer to enter as a guest can do so by clicking the link posted beneath the login box to bring up a new page where a quick search can be conducted to find the desired course.  The question mark icon can be clicked by those who would like to (or just flat-out NEED to) review more information about cookies that must be enabled within the browser being used to access the portal.

Employees with questions for TKC holdings can try getting in touch with the Human Resources department by email at hr@tkcholdings.com.  General questions for the company can be directed to the TKC Holdings offices in Saint Louis, Mo.

TKC Holdings Contact Information

  • 1260 Andes Blvd., Saint Louis, Missouri 63132
  • Toll-Free Phone Number – 800-326-6146
  • Local Phone Number – 314-214-2700