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Try MD Hearing Aid 200

  • Hearing aid orders can be placed online
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available
  • Customer service is available by phone

Due to the importance of being able to hear clearly, hearing aid manufactures can often get away with charging exorbitantly high prices for their products.  Perhaps that’s why it’s so refreshing to see a hearing aid that can be purchased at a price that the masses can afford.  The MD Hearing Aid Pro can now be obtained for just $199 for a single unit (left ear or right ear) or for $399 for a pair.  Those who are ready to place an order can begin by going to the Try MD Hearing Aid 200 ordering page and clicking the Select Your Hearing Aid button.  After clicking the button a left ear aid, right ear aid, or a pair of aids can be added to the cart for check out.  The payment process can be completed by filling out a brief online form with a name, address, and payment preference (all of the major credit cards, Affirm, or PayPal).  It should be noted that the devices available at the Try MD Hearing Aid 200 ordering page come with the MD Shield Protection plan (nothing like a little protection against the dreaded feeling of buyers remorse!).

A Look at the MD Shield Protection Plan

  • Covers all types of accidental damage (clumsiness doesn’t have to be costly)
  • Runs for a full year from the date of the purchase (365 days of tranquility!!)
  • Loss, theft, or unauthorized repairs are NOT covered (would be nice though)
  • Defective hearing aids will either be repaired or replaced with a new device
  • Customers are on the hook for shipping if the device needs to be sent in

Full details on the MD Shield Protection Plan can be reviewed by clicking the Learn More link at the Try MD Hearing Aid 200 ordering page.  Those with questions about the product can likely find what they need under the Frequently Asked Questions section.  Those who don’t get the answers they were looking for in the FAQs can try calling 800-647-4940 for additional assistance (sometimes talking on the phone is easier than reading anyways).  Customers who need to make use of the MD Shield Protection Plan can begin by reporting the issue by phone or through email correspondence.

MD Shield Protection Plan Contact Information

  • support@mdhearingaid.com
  • 312-366-3899