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How to Get Started with the Try MedCline Offer

  • The type of product must be selected to begin
  • A payment plan is offered when making the order
  • Guarantee details can be reviewed before ordering

It sure is nice to have a safety net ready when taking a leap on an unfamiliar product.  In the case of acid reflux relief sleeping product MedCline, the safety net comes in the form of a 100 night guarantee (a MUCH longer trial than the Nutrisystem Save 40 guarantee).  The ordering process can be initiated by going to the offer page and choosing the type of product:  Reflux Relief System or Advanced Positioning Wedge.  Once a product is selected, an online ordering form must be completed before moving towards the payment screen.  Those who would like to pay over time can click the Klarna logo when ordering to see what payment plan options are being offered.  While on the topic of payments, It should be pointed out that Flexible Savings Accounts or Health Savings Account can now be used to purchase MedCline.

Tired of acid relux?  It might be time to try MedCline.

  • According to studies 95% of patients reported overall sleep improvement
  • Studies also show 93% of patients reported reduced night time heartburn
  • The design creates an elevated sleeping position to help keep reflux at bay
  • The design is also compact only taking up half the width of a queen bed

The MedCline Reflux Relief System is currently available for $278 (it appears there is a 30% savings special going on at the moment) while the Advanced Positioning Wedge can be purchased for $219.  Customers who aren’t taking advantage of a FSA/HSA or payment plan can complete an order using an American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal.

What about that guarantee?

  • Customers who aren’t satisfied must contact MedCline within 100 days
  • A prepaid label will be sent that can be used to ship the product back
  • The price of the purchase will be refunded minus a 10% disposal fee
  • A box must be checked to acknowledge the disposal fee before ordering

The full details of the guarantee can be reviewed by clicking the icon located at the top of the offer page.  An addition to the guarantee details, the order page also includes an extensive FAQ list (it’s always good practice to make sure all questions have been answered before placing an order!).  Customers who would rather get over the phone assistance can try calling 800-610-1607 between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM PT Monday through Friday.

Amenity Health, Inc. Headquarters Contact Information

  • 8825 Rehco Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
  • 858-605-1747

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