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The holiday season is nearly over which means there is sure to be a large number of individuals looking to shed the extra pounds gained from all the parties, get-togethers, and solo holiday snacking sessions on the couch.  One way this daunting task can be accomplished is through use of one of the many available plans from Nutrisystem at the Try Turbo 13 page.  Those who are finally ready to make good on a new year’s resolution can begin by clicking the Shop Plans tab to view a list of options to choose from.  Once the desired plan has been selected the type of meal plan, menu, and delivery must be confirmed prior to clicking the Continue button to proceed with the online checkout process.  Customers who want a better idea of which plan to go with can try using the FREE diet analysis tool posted at the Try Turbo 13 page.

A Review of Available Nutrisystem Plans 

  • Basic – A starter plan that is friendly on the wallet and includes pre-selected foods
  • Core – Over 100 foods to choose from plus support from counselors and dietitians
  • Uniquely Yours – The best plan offers menu freedom and UNLIMITED frozen foods
  • Vegetarian – A plan loaded with the protein, fiber, and vitamins vegetarians need

It is important to point out that all new 4 week plans (first order only) come with a mind-easing 14-day money back guarantee (good for those who actually want to SEE the results before paying for them).  Customers who are looking for some inspiration can read about real people who met their weight loss goals by clicking the Success Stories link posted at the top of the Try Turbo 13 page.  Those with questions can try reviewing the available FAQ list (located next to the shopping cart icon) or contacting support via email, phone, or chat.  Please note that over the phone assistance is available from 7 AM to 12 AM ET Monday through Sunday while chat support is available from 8 AM to 11 PM ET Monday through Sunday.

Nutrisystem Support

  • gettingstarted@nutrisystem.com
  • 800-435-4074