www.twitch.amazon/rdo – Link Twitch Prime & Social Club

Twitch Amazon RDO:  How to Claim Your Offer

First, you’re gonna have to jump online and go sign up for a Twitch Prime account.

Next, sign in with your username and password to link your Twitch Prime and Social Club accounts.

Once both accounts are linked you’ll be able to enjoy a brand-spanking new Copper-Polished Still in RDO!!

Of course, if you already have a Twitch Prime account you can skip the first step of this simple process.

One more thing, you can begin the process here:  www.twitch.amazon/rdo.

By the way, an upgraded still isn’t the only thing you’ll get as a Titch Prime member.  In addition to the new copper beauty, you’ll also receive benefits such as free games and even in-game LOOT!

Wait, there’s more Twitch Amazon RDO benefits!

  • Got some collecting to do?  Good!  Cause you’re gonna get a sweet collector’s bag
  • Save an extra 10 percent on ALL game-wide discounts on RDO (that’ll work!)
  • Next time you go to purchase some gold bars you’ll receive an extra 15% value
  • Additionally, there will be more monthly benefits released so stay tuned!

Now at this point you may be wondering if you’re gonna get old promotional items after you sign up for your Twitch Prime account.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to push those lofty thoughts aside because the benefits are only available for CURRENT promotions.  You can read the full details of the offer at www.twitch.amazon/rdo.

Finally, let’s take a look at RDO’s most ICONIC characters!

  • Alfredo Montez – Some would argue this bad dude is the baddest of the bad
  • Old Man Jones – His philosophical raving can become quite annoying at time
  • Maggie Fike – Ole’ Maggie sure does know how to get a still up and running
  • Jessica LeClerk – Don’t let the icy facade fool you, there’s more than meets the eye!

ATTN Xbox players:  Learn how to get your game code!





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