www.txu.com/paynow – Pay TXU Energy Bill with Reward Card

TXU Pay Now

  • Bill can be paid online after logging into an account
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available to review
  • TXU customer support contact information is available

Most reward cards can be used to make a variety of purchases (gas, groceries, pork rinds – all the essentials).  However, one use of a reward card that often goes overlooked is the ability to get rid of a pesky utility bill.  Those who have been issued a reward card from TXU Energy can now use it to pay off a monthly bill by going to the TXU Pay now page and clicking the My Account link.  After clicking the link a new page will appear where a username and account password can be entered to login and pay off the energy bill.  Customers who are having trouble logging in due to lost or forgotten credentials can try clicking the Forgot Password or Forgot Username links to begin the account recovery process (links can be found beneath the login fields).  The remaining balance of a reward card can be checked by clicking one of the three Online links posted at the TXU Pay now page (one link for each of the 3 different types of reward cards).

A Micro-Study of TXU Energy

  • Origins date back to 1882 and the introduction of electricity to Northern TX
  • Offers green energy solutions such as TXU Energy Green Up and Solar Club
  • Gives back to communities with volunteer work and United Way sponsorships
  • Provides aid to around 20,000 customers each year to help pay electricity bills
  • Acquired Mega Energy’s Texas customer portfolio in 2013 (a nice little pick up!)

After clicking one of the Online links at the TXU Pay now page, a username and password can be entered to login and check the reward card balance.  Customers who have yet to register a card can begin by entering the card number and security code (handy images are posted that can be referenced to find the exact location of both numbers).  Reward cards can also be used to pay a bill over the phone by calling the automated payment system at 800-818-6132.  Those with feedback for the company can try writing to the TXU Energy Executive Feedback department.

TXU Energy Executive Feedback Address

  • PO Box 65764, Dallas, TX 75262-0764