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UCB for Me

  • Sign-on ID must be entered to begin banking
  • Login credential recovery assistance is provided
  • United Community Bank contact info is available

Personal financial information is perhaps one of the most important things a consumer can have online access to.  With that being said, something of such importance is deserving of a client-friendly online experience.  The good news is, a client-friendly experience is exactly what United Community Bank (UCB) clients can expect from the UCB for Me portal.  Those who need online access to their personal financial information can begin by clicking the Online Banking button located at the top right hand side of the page.  After clicking the button a new page will appear where a Sign-on ID must be entered before entering a password (the password must be entered on a separate screen for security purposes).  Once logged into the UCB for Me portal access to checking, savings, loans, and investment accounts will be available (safe to say that would qualify as an electronic HUB of financial information).

More About Online Banking with UCB

  • If systems go down transactions initiated beforehand will still go through (phew)
  • Payments made by online checks will be withdrawn when it clears (makes sense)
  • Updates are made once per day (transactions are reflected the next business day)
  • Those with multiple checking accounts can link all to online banking (EXCELLENT)
  • Monthly service fees will be charged regardless if any payments have been made

Clients who have forgotten either part of their login credentials (Sign-on ID or password) can start the account recovery process by clicking one of the links posted next to the Sign-on ID field.  Those who have yet to sign up for online access to the UCB for Me portal can begin by clicking the Enroll Online tab (it must be specified if the account being enrolled is a personal account or a business account).  Many questions about the online banking process can be answered by reviewing the information found under the FAQ tab.  Those who don’t find what they need in the FAQs can try reaching out to UCB directly.

UCB Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service – 800-474-7845
  • Lost Cards – 800-528-2273