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How to File For the UCLA Health Cyber Settlement

  • Class Members can file online or send in a claim form
  • Class Members must file no later than the deadline
  • The settlement notice includes an extensive FAQ list

When a data breach occurs the possibility of a class action lawsuit looms large.  As an illustration of such, we now turn to a recent case called Adlouni v. UCLA Health System Auxiliary, et al.  The Plaintiffs in the case allege that the Defendant violated a number of laws regarding information of privacy.  However, the Defendant disputes these allegations and denies any wrongdoing whatsoever.  At any rate, we will probably never find out which side would have won in court as the case appears to be settled pending the Final Fairness Hearing.  Those who believe they are eligible for compensation can go to the online filing page and click the Submit a Claim tab to start a claim form.

UCLA Health Cyber Settlement:  An Information Blitz

  • Class Members can file for identity monitor, preventive measures, and/or unreimbursed losses
  • The filing deadline for the identity monitor service is September 16th, 2019 (plenty of time!)
  • June 18th, 2019 is the deadline for those filing for preventive measures (a little more pressing)
  • 2 years after the preventive measures deadline is the deadline for unreimbursed losses (6-8-21)
  • Those who want out of the settlement have until May 20th, 2019 to file a request for exclusion
  • This does not appear to be nearly as large as the EXP Data Breach Settlement

In addition to the deadline for preventive measure claim forms, June 18th, 2019 is also the date when the court will hold the Final Fairness Hearing (perhaps the most important date!)  Those who wish to attend should show up at 9 AM (don’t hit the snooze button too many times).

By the way, Class Members can also file by filling out a claim form and sending it to the Settlement Administrator.  Additionally, the Settlement Administrator can help answer questions about the settlement.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to get answers on their own can take a dip into the FAQs located online and within the notice.

UCLA Health Cyber Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 3058
  • Portland, OR 97208-3058
  • 888-262-4479


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