www.umb.com/giftcard – Activate or Login UMB Visa Gift Card

UMB Gift Card

  • Card number can be sued to activate or login
  • Frequently Asked Questions list is available
  • Customer assistance is available by phone

The invigorating feeling that comes after receiving a gift card can quickly fade when faced with an overly complicated activation process.  Fortunately, those who have received a UMB gift card won’t have to worry about coming down from cloud nine anytime soon (or at least until the balance has been spent) thanks to its user-friendly card activation process.  The process of getting the card ready for use can be initiated by going to the online activation page and clicking the Activate My Card link.  After clicking the link the card number can be entered into the provided field before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the process.  Once the card has been activated it will be good for use ANYWHERE in the United States where Visa cards are accepted (and by last count that is an almost unbelievably large number of places).

EASY-PEASY.  Anything else I should know about my UMB gift card?

  • The cards come pre-loaded with an amount anywhere between $5 and $750
  • Don’t be confused by the word “debit” on the card as it’s NOT a debit card
  • A PIN number must be selected once the card has been successfully activated
  • Additional funds cannot be reloaded onto the cards (once it’s spent it’s spent)
  • Cards can be used for online or phone purchases in addition to physical stores

Cardholders who wish to check a balance or take a gander at some recent purchases can do so by going to the UMB gift card page and entering a card number before clicking the Sign In button to gain access to the account.  Questions about the card can be answered by clicking the FAQs link to review the extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Cardholders who don’t find what they need in the FAQs can try calling 866-304-1164 for live over the phone assistance (the line is open 24/7 so no excuses!).

UMB Financial Corporation is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol UMBF.  The company was founded in 1913 and reported total revenue of $982,500,000 in 2017.  Those with corporate-related questions for the company can try reaching out to the UMB Financial Corporation headquarters in Kansas City, MO.

UMB Financial Corporation Headquarters

  • 1010 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64106
  • 816-860-7000