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Valvoline Drives Instant Win Game

  • Keyword is needed to begin the registration
  • Existing participants can login to an account
  • Frequently Asked Questions list is available

Let’s face it, people tend to get excited anytime a special “keyword” or “pass phrase” is needed to enter a promotion.  A new promotion that makes use of a such an entry method is the Valvoline Drives Instant Win Game.  Customers who want in on the fun can begin by going to the nearest participating Valvoline service location where the keyword needed to register for the promotion can be found.  Those who aren’t seeing a keyword at the service location may want to ask their service technician if one is available (might be a good idea to cut to the chase and ask from the beginning instead of frantically searching around and drawing strange looks from other customers).  Once the keyword has been secured it can be entered at the online registration page along with a name, email address, age and zip code.  Prior to submitting the registration form participants will have the opportunity to check a box to sign up to receive coupons, offers, and future receipts via text message.

A Closer Inspection Valvoline Drives Instant Win Game

  • Eligibility is limited to legal U.S. residents who are at least 16 years old at entry
  • Begins February 1st, 2018 and continues throughout the remainder of the year
  • There is a limit of 1 game play per day per person throughout the promotion
  • The Approximate Retail Value of all prizes to be awarded is $654,769.55 (WOW!)
  • A copy of the Winners List will be available online at the end of the promotion

Participants who are interested in earning a few more chances to win can do so by sharing the promotion on Twitter or Facebook, watching a video, or referring a friend (get the word out as 3 friends can be invited per day!). Those who have already signed up can log back in to make another play by entering the email used at registration.  The answers to many Frequently Asked Questions can be reviewed by clicking the FAQ link posted to the bottom of the registration page.

Valvoline Drives Instant Win Game

  • Valvoline LLC, 100 Valvoline Way Lexington, KY 40509