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VIP Member Benefits Verify

  • New users can register for online access
  • Existing users can enter with login credentials
  • National General contact information is available

When it comes to registering for online access to a new insurance account it’s nice to be treated like a VIP.  Judging by the fast and easy account registration process found at the VIP Member Benefits Verify page, that’s exactly how National General Accident & Health customers will feel.  The process can be initiated by clicking the Register a New Account link and entering an email address before creating an account password.  It’s worth noting that passwords must be at least 6 characters in length and include both uppercase and non-alpha-numeric characters  (try getting creative with it!).  Once the VIP Member Benefits Verify process has been completed access to the portal can be gained in just a few seconds by entering an email address and password before clicking the Sign In button (now that wasn’t so hard now was it?).

A Brief Overview of National General Holdings Corp.

  • Is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol NGHC
  • Hauls in around 2.5 BILLION in revenue each year (definitely not a fly by night)
  • Provides both personal and commercial insurance covering a number of items
  • Offers Optional full Replacement Cost Coverage for RV owners (all aboard!!!)
  • Products include short-term medical, fixed benefits, supplemental, and dental

Those who suddenly remember already going through the account registration process can click the Return to Login button to leave the enrollment form and return to the login screen.  Plan members who need to make a claim for benefits can initiate the process by calling the number located on the back of the ID card or by clicking the Submit a Claim link found at the bottom of the VIP Member Benefits Verify page.  Those with benefits questions can try calling the National General Accident & Health customer service department at 888-781-0585.  General inquiries for the company can be sent to the National General Accident & Health PO Box in Winston-Salem, NC.

National General Accident & Health General Correspondence Address

  • PO Box 24279 Winston-Salem, NC 27114