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VVA Pick Up

  • Schedule donation pick up online at designated webpage
  • A wide array of donation items are needed

Individuals that are tired of the unwanted clutter filling up their homes can help themselves and veterans in need at the same time by donating to the Vietnam Veterans of America.  The donations collected by VVA Pick Up help fund local programs and services that help improve the lives of United States veterans.  To schedule a time for a truck to swing by and pick up the donation items individuals will need to go directly to the designated pick up website and enter their zip code to begin.  Donators that do not have (or do not like to use) the internet can donate over the phone by dialing 888-518-VETS.  Once the pick up has been scheduled donators will simply leave the donated items outside of their homes on the scheduled date and a VVA Pick Up truck will come by to get them.  After the items have been picked up donators will be thrilled to see that a tax-deductible receipt will be left in their place.

What type of items are needed?

  • Clothing & Shoes – All types and sizes for all ages are needed
  • Baby Items – These items include clothing for both boys and girls, cribs, toys, and more
  • Kitchenware – Glassware, pots, pans, utensils, etc
  • Furniture – Couches, chairs, tables, beds, and dresser type items are needed
  • Small Appliances – Items such as microwaves, coffee makers, and toasters
  • Electronics – Items such as cameras, phones, stereos, computers, and printers fit the bill

Vietnam Veterans of America is a national veterans service organization (for all United States veterans) that obtains funding through a variety of fund-raising activities.  The organization currently has over 72,000 members in over 500 chapters across the country.  To reach Vietnam Veterans of America please write to Vietnam Veterans Of America 8719 Colesville Rd, Suite 100 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 or dial 301-585-4000.



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