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Waffle House Hoildays Sweepstakes:  About the Entry Process

  • Participants can register online to complete initial entry
  • The contest offers bonus entries after creating an eCard
  • Participants can receive email from Coca-Cola and Waffle House

At this time of year many prefer to make their vacation destination one place only:  HOME SWEET HOME.  Thankfully, the Waffle Home for the Holidays Sweepstakes can help with that (not to be confused with the similarly named BHG Home for the Holidays 2018 Sweepstakes).  The sweepstakes provides an easy online entry process that participants can complete by filling out a brief form.  After completing the form, the participant can click the Submit button to receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes.  However, it should be pointed out that participants can also sign up to receive emails from both Waffle House and Coca-Cola before submitting an entry.  Participants who would like to do so can check one or both of the optional boxes located below the entry form.

The Meat & Potatoes of the Waffle House Holidays Sweepstakes

  • The contest begins on November 12th, 2018 and runs through the end of the year
  • Participants can only enter the sweepstakes once per day (daily entries are a plus)
  • The administrator will draw the winners randomly on around January 8th, 2019
  • The Grand Prize is 2 airline vouchers and a $500 gift card from the Waffle House

Participants can earn 1 additional bonus entry to the sweepstakes by creating by an eCard.  After creating the eCard, participants can earn 2 additional bonus entries by sharing it on Twitter and downloading it to share on Instagram.  Participants will earn 1 bonus entry for each of these 3 acts with a total of 3 bonus entries being possible.

In addition to the Grand Prize the sweepstakes is also awarding 10 First Prizes, 10 Second Prizes, 40 Third Prizes, 35 Fourth Prizes, 400 Fifth Prizes, and 42 Sixth Prizes (pretty random prize distribution!).  Participants can review the full details of each of the prizes by clicking the Official Rules link available at the online entry page.  In addition to the Official Rules, the sweepstakes also provides a quick link that shows a brief overview of the prizes (click the See what you could win here link).

Waffle House Holidays Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • One Coca-Cola Plaza
  • Atlanta, GA 30313


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