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WC TCPA Settlement:  How to File Online

  • The online filing process requires a Class Member ID
  • Class Members must sign the form for it to be accepted
  • The Settlement Administrator can help with the filing process

It appears the ongoing class action lawsuit called Parker, et al. v. Universal Pictures, et al. is finally coming to an end.  Both parties have agreed to a PENDING settlement valued at a crisp $19 million ($19,225,515 to be precise).  In order to receive payment, Class Members can go to the online filing page and enter their ID number.  Once the Class Member enters their ID they can go ahead and complete the online claim form.  Please note that the Settlement Administrator may reject the form if the Class Member does not sign it.

More Information WC TCPA Settlement

  • The suit was filed over alleged text messages sent to promote the War Craft movie
  • July 10th, 2019 is the last day for Class Members to file a claim (online or by mail)
  • The last day for Class Members to object or request exclusion is May 16th, 2019
  • Class Members who don’t file or request exclusion will miss out on getting paid
  • In terms of overall value, this one falls short of the Alarm TCPA Settlement

By the way, the settlement is broken into 4 different filing classes.  Class Members from class 1 are eligible to receive payment of $35.  Meanwhile, Class Members of classes 2 through 4 can get up to $50 for payment.  However, the possibility exists that payment will be of a lesser amount depending on how many Class Members step forward to file.

Filing a Claim Through the Mail

  • Class Members must make sure the mail is post-marked by the filing deadline
  • Send the form directly to the Settlement Administrator (see contact info below)
  • The online settlement page provides a printable copy of the claim form

In addition to receiving claim forms, the Settlement Administrator can also provide a Class Member ID to those who lost their notice.  Class Members with general questions about the settlement can also contact the Settlement Administrator for assistance (or just take a gander at those handy FAQs located within the notice).

WC TCPA Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91234, Seattle, WA 98111
  • info@WCTCPASettlement.com
  • 833-402-1723

File before it’s too late!

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