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Wells Fargo Claims Tips

  • Designated webpage for set up to help users understand the claim process


Account holders that are anxious for information about how their claim is being handled will be relieved to know that Wells Fargo has set up an entire webpage to help explain the claim process. The claims information page is broken down into 5 easy to understand sections in order to provide account holders with the information they need to understand what is going on with their claim.

The Important Information section will notify account holders about a temporary credit applied to their accounts for the total amount in dispute for claims that require extensive research.  This section also sets the expectation that it may take up to 90 days to resolve each claim and to speed up the process account holders should promptly return any documents requested.

The next section deals with what account holders can expect when the claim involves an unauthorized transaction on a debit card.  When this happens the account holder’s debit card will be closed and a new one will be sent in 5-7 days.  Account holders needing access to their account before they receive their new cards can shoot into any Wells Fargo store and request a temporary instant issue debit card that can be used to get cash, make purchases, or pay bills.

After moving forward to the next section, Wells Fargo account holders will receive information about what will happen when their claim is resolved.  Upon resolution of the claim account holders will receive a letter explaining the outcome of the claim.  If the claim is resolved in the favor of the account holder the temporary credit placed in the account will stay there.

The Safeguarding Your Information section provides Wells Fargo account holders with plenty of information about how to keep their accounts safe.  This information covers suspicious activity, setting up a PIN number, computer usage, passwords, and suspicious emails.

Finally the last section provides contact information for account holders that have questions about the claim process.  Wells Fargo account holders that have questions about signature-based transactions, Visa card purchases, or unauthorized transactions can call 1-800-548-9554.  Account holders that have questions about non-fraudulent ATM transactions and PIN-based purchased can call 1-877-230-8708.




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