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WellStar My Benefits Access:  How to Begin

  • Employees will need a User ID and password to enter
  • The portal provides online login credential recovery
  • New users can register for online account access

Every employee should have adequate online access to their benefits information.  Even more so at this time of year.  Fortunately, WellStar Health System employees seem to be in good shape in this area.  Employees who need to sign up for benefits (or manage their existing ones) can login in just a few seconds by entering a User ID and password.  While such a convenient login may be good enough for most users, the process can be made EVEN EASIER.  Employees who are looking to take convenience to a whole new level can do so by clicking the Remember My User ID box upon entry.  After clicking the box, the portal will save the User ID for future logins (the name pretty much gives away the function!).

A Look at WellStar Medical Group

  • The group has more than 250 medical office locations (there when you need them!)
  • Patients can receive care from over 1,150 providers across more than 40 specialties
  • Origins of the group date back to 1994 and the forming of WellStar Physicians Group
  • The group’s services include primary and specialty care, acute care, and ambulatory care

In addition to saving a User ID for future logins, the portal also provides easy online login credential recovery (similar to the My PAE Benefits portal).  Employees who have forgotten a User ID or password can begin by clicking the link posted below the login fields.  After clicking the link, the employee can enter the last 4 digits of their SSN and date of birth to begin the account recovery.  In the same way, employees can enter a SSN and date of birth to begin the new account creation process.

Employees with questions about their benefits can contact the WellStar My Benefits Employee Service Center between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Monday through Friday.

WellStar My Benefits Employee Service Center

  • 888-860-1621


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