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Well Works For You Login

  • Easy online access using a username and password
  • You’ll need to register before you can login (of course)
  • Forget your stuff?  Don’t fret.  Account recovery help is available
  • You can access the portal in both English and Spanish
  • Apps are also available at www.wellworksforyoulogin.com

Wellness at the workplace is an ever increasing priority in today’s modern business culture.  And rightfully so.  One such way companies are now promoting such a culture is through the innovative Wellworks For You.  For instance, you can login to access programs to help you eat better, exercise, and much more.  In order to do so, visit the portal’s login page and enter your username and password.

But what if I’m having trouble logging in at www.wellworksforyoulogin.com?

First things first, make sure you’ve already created an account!  If not, you’ll need to register before you can access the service.

Forget your username?  No problem!  Just click the link and enter your email address to begin the recovery process (easier than eating cake in the rain – whatever that means!).

What about your password?  Just like recovering a username, you’ll need to enter your email address to proceed.

Note on creating a new account:  Please have your Company ID ready as it’s the first thing you’ll need :D.

Finally, you can also down the Wellworks For You apps directly from the login page.  In order to do so, click the icons that appear at the bottom of your screen.  Additionally, you can click the link at the top right hand side of the page if you need to switch languages (change from English to Spanish).

Need more help?  Try contacting Wellworks!  Here ya go:

Wellworks Contact Information

  • 70 East Lancaster Ave., Frazer, PA 19355
  • Phone – 800-425-4657
  • Fax – 610-640-9749


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