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Wheaties Uncle Drew

  • Code from the inside of a Wheaties box is needed
  • Wheaties cereal can be followed on social media
  • General Mills contact information is available

The front panel of a Wheaties cereal box is known the world over for the many famous athletes who have graced it over the years.  However, what one usually DOES NOT expect to see on the cover of a Wheaties box is a soon to be famous FICTIONAL athlete.  In advance of the upcoming movie Uncle Drew, Wheaties is currently featuring the fictional title character across the front of boxes now being stocked on grocery shelves across the country.  However, what is perhaps even more exciting than a fictional character appearing on the box cover is the promotion that comes along with it.  Fresh off the wildly popular Wheaties golf ball promotion, the brand is now allowing customers to take part in the latest engagement by going to the Wheaties Uncle Drew registration page to enter the code found on the inside of specially marked boxes.  It should be noted that once the code has been entered a box must be checked to confirm the Terms & Conditions are agreed to before hitting the Submit button to continue.

A Gander at the History of Wheaties Box Covers

  • The famous slogan “Breakfast of Champions” was first rolled out in the 1930’s
  • American Olympian Bob Richards was the very first spokesperson for Wheaties
  • Michael Jordan holds the record of most total box appearances with 18 overall
  • Olympian Mary Lou Retton was the first female athlete to appear on the box front
  • The 1987 Minnesota Twins was first entire team on the box (World Series champs)

The icons posted at the bottom right hand side of the Wheaties Uncle Drew page can be clicked by those who wish to follow the cereal brand on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter).  The Nutrition link posted at the top of the page can be clicked to learn more about what goes into making a heart healthy bowl of Wheaties.  Questions about the Wheaties brand can be addressed by contacting the General Mills Consumer Relations department by phone between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM Central Time Monday through Friday.  Those who would rather reach out via mail can do so by sending correspondence to the company’s PO Box in Minneapolis, MN (the phone call might be quicker but sometimes one just needs to put thoughts down on paper!).

General Mills Contact information

  • PO Box 9452, Minneapolis, MN 55440
  • 800-248-7310