www.WinCrushForAYear.com – Enter to Win a Year Supply of Crush

Win Crush for a Year!  Here’s how.

  • Participants can enter UPC images in exchange for entry
  • The promotion also offers a no-purchase entry method
  • Participants must use a mobile browser to UPC images

A year’s worth of Crush is sure to put a smile on the face of most consumers.  That said, there will soon be 168 extra smiling faces on the planet thanks to Win Crush for a Year promotion.  In order to join, participants must text the keyword CRUSH to short code 88222.  Once the participant sends the text they will receive a link to the registration page.  Next the participant can submit 2 UPC images in exchange for entry.  Please note that those who don’t feel like sending a text can go directly to www.WinCrushForAYear.com to enter (must access page from a mobile browser).

More on the Win Crush for a Year Promotion

  • Participants will find out if they won instantly (sure beats waiting in suspense!)
  • Runs for almost 6 months from March 25th, 2019 through September 8th, 2019
  • The UPC images required by the promotion must be from 20 oz. Crush bottles
  • Participants are limited to a total of 8 entries over the course of the promotion
  • Additionally, participants cannot enter the promotion more than once in a day
  • Does not include a drawing like the DIY Network All American Sweepstakes

It should be pointed out that the year’s worth of Crush will be awarded by the promotion in the form of 24 coupons.  Additionally, each of the prizes holds an Approximate Retail Value of $150.  Those who want to find out who won each of the prizes can send a request for the Winners List to PO Box 930175, Wixom, MI 48393.

By the way, those who don’t want to go out and buy a couple of bottles of Crush can enter without the UPC images.  In order to do so, the participant must go to www.WinCrushForAYear.com/amoe and fill out the entry form.

Sponsor of the Win Crush for a Year Promotion

  • Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.
  • 5301 Legacy Dr., Plano, TX 75024




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