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WM You Make the Call

  • A last name can be used to enter an account
  • Online account password recovery is available
  • Frequently Asked Questions list is provided

When it comes to sales INCENTIVE IS KEY.  It seems Waste Management has a firm grasp on this not-so-hard to understand concept judging by its incentive-laden lead reporting program that is set to award drivers with gift cards, cash ($10,000 worth to be precise), and even a brand new Ford F-150 XLT.  Drivers who want into on the sweet, sweet action can begin by going to the WM You Make the Call page to login with a username and password.  After logging into an account a new lead can be reported by clicking the Report a Lead link and following the on-screen instructions.  Drivers who can’t seem to recall an account password can click the Forgot password? link posted under the login fields at the program entry page to begin the recovery process.  Those who have forgotten a username may want to dig up their birth certificate as the username is the last name of the driver (let’s hope not many end up resorting to this drastic measure).

Gotcha!  Any more information I should be privy to?

  • The F-150 will be awarded through the sweepstakes portion of the program
  • Drivers who bring in the most closed sales for a district might win $10,000.00
  • New participants will earn a $20 gift card for their first qualified lead (score!)
  • A $100 gift card will be earned for every 10th sale (that’s $10 for each sale!)
  • Top drivers (per closed sales) will earn a You Make the Call personalized vest

Leads can also be reported by either filling out a lead form or by taking a snap shot of an upgrade or new lead using a tablet (lead forms must be turned into a program administrator).  Users who would like to change the language displayed on-screen can do so by clicking the flag icon posted at the top right hand corner of thew WM You Make the Call page (English, Spanish, and French are available).  The FAQ link can be clicked to proceed to a list of Frequently Asked Questions where many answers about the program can be found.  Those who didn’t find what they were looking for in the FAQs can try calling the promotion’s headquarters at 800-316-4224 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM PT Monday through Friday.

Waste Management Headquarters Address

  • 1001 Fannin St., Houston, TX 77002