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How to Begin the Woods Feedback Web Survey

  • Customers will need to confirm the store they bought from
  • The survey requires customers to enter the date of purchase
  • Customers can review a full copy of the rules before starting

Supermarkets are well-known for providing great customer service.  However, any supermarket that wants to take their service to the next level should be prepared to receive feedback from its customers.  For instance, Woods Supermarket is now taking customer opinions through the Woods Feedback Web survey.  In order to begin the survey, customers must first select which store they visited or ordered from (the survey is for both in-store purchases and to-go orders).  Once the customer selects the location they must proceed to enter the date of visit/purchase before moving on to the survey.

Thanks!  But why should I bother providing feedback??

  • For starters, customers who take the survey will be entered for a chance to win $100
  • The store may take action based on your opinions, thus making your next visit better!
  • It only takes a few minutes (less time than watching the show case on Price is Right)

Upon completion of the survey, the customer will have the chance to provide entry information and receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes will choose 2 winners per month, each of which will receive a $100 Woods gift card.  Additionally, customers may only receive 1 entry per survey and can only take 1 survey per day.

More on the Woods Feedback Web Survey Sweeps

  • Winners cannot redeem their prize for cash (just buy some groceries)
  • The sweepstakes will hold the drawings around the first of each month
  • Whoever wins will receive notice via email or a phone call (so be alert!)
  • Has a similar set up as the Barnes and Noble Feedback survey

By the way, customers can also take the survey over the phone by calling 866-203-1995.  Meanwhile, those who want to skip the survey entirely can still enter the sweepstakes by sending a request to the sponsor the sweepstakes (those thinking about doing this may want to consider re-reading the 2nd section of this write-up).

Sponsor of the Woods Feedback Web Survey Sweeps

  • Retail Feedback Group
  • PO Box 776, East Northport, NY 11731


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