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Work for DHL!

Anyone need a job?  DHL is hiring!

So why not mosey on over to the carrier’s application page to find out what’s in the hopper?

In order to begin a new application, click the Apply button located next to your desired position.

Want to pass along the good news to a friend in need?  Hit that Share button to send the application!

You can also search for specific openings at www.workfordhl.com.

The search for a new job (or better yet CAREER) isn’t always the most pleasant experience.  However, DHL is doing it’s part to perk things up a bit.  For example, you can search and apply for a job in a matter of minutes using the company’s job application portal.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump online and get after it!

More on applying at www.workfordhl.com

  • Each position shows the address of where you will be working if you get hired
  • Search for jobs by career category, region, or keyword (narrow it down!)
  • Didn’t see anything you liked?  Sign up to receive job updates!
  • You can also upload your resume directly through the work for DHL portal
  • Click the links at the bottom of the page to follow DHL on social media

Finally, you can change the language the application portal is displayed in by clicking the link at the top right hand side of the page (English, French, and Spanish are available).

Did you know that DHL is responsible for delivering over 1 BILLION parcels each year?  Did you know that the company reaches over 200 couturiers across the globe?  Take a minute to let that all sink in.  Then consider becoming one of the almost 400 HUNDRED THOUSAND people strong DHL workforce (always nice to be part of a large family!).

DHL Corporate Offices Address

  • 1210 South Pine Island Rd.
  • Fourth Floor Plantation, FL 33324


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