www.yosushi.com/allears – Take YO! Sushi Survey for a FREE Plate

Taking the YO Sushi All Ears Customer Survey

  • Begins with multiple choice questions
  • Completion of survey earns a voucher
  • YO! Sushi contact information is available

Spilling one’s guts about a recent visit to a restaurant isn’t always on the top of the “things to take care of ASAP” list.  However, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see such an act make a rapid ascent through the day’s priorities once it’s been made known that FREE FOOD is involved.  With that being said, chances are many YO! Sushi customers will suddenly find a extra few minutes to take part in the restaurant’s customer survey after hearing it will earn a voucher that can be redeemed for a FREE blue plate at the next visit to the restaurant.  The Yo Sushi All Ears online survey can be initiated upon arrival at the home page by first clicking the Next button.  After clicking the button three multiple choice questions will appear that must be answered to proceed.

Browsing the YO! Sushi Menu

  • Tufu Katsu Curry – The perfect combo of crispy tofu and mild curry sauce – YUM!
  • Chicken Chahan – A refreshing take on the worn out basic chicken and rice dish
  • Ginza Roll – Anything that combines both salmon and cream cheese can’t be bad
  • Dynamite Roll – The rayu chili oil and sriracha definitely take things up a notch
  • Mango Ice Cream Mochi – Ice cream encased in a sweet layer of Japanese rice

Once all three of the preliminary multiple choice questions have been answered it will be necessary to choose which location feedback is being provided for (use the drop down box to select a location).  Those who are wondering how much longer the Yo Sushi All Ears survey will last can take a glance at the bottom left hand side of the page where a completion percentage is shown.  It’s worth pointing out that in order to revisit a previously answered question the back button in the browser must be used as none are provided within the survey.

The first YO! Sushi location open its doors in Soho, London in 1997.  Since the first opening the restaurant has gone on to expand to nearly 100 locations throughout the world.  General inquiries for YO! Sushi can be addressed by dialing +44 (0)2078410700.

YO! Sushi Address

  • 95 Farringdon Rd.
  • London EC1R 3BT
  • United Kingdom