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Optimum HealthCare, Inc. is allowing members to access their accounts online through the Optimum HealthCare, Inc. website.  Members looking to access their accounts will need to browse the website for the Member Portal Registration/Login box to get started.  Once logged in or registered, members will be entitled to a number of handy conveniences made possible by signing up for online access.  For instance, registered members will not have to worry about the hardships of ordering medication or supplies as they will be able to make orders for diabetic supplies and over the counter medication online.  In addition to being able to make orders online, members will have access to important claim activity and benefit information once registered.  Members that have lost their ID cards and are worried about how long it will take to get new ones can breath easy as the registration will give members the ability to print the ID cards from the internet.  Health conscious members will enjoy being registered as they will gain access to online health and wellness information and tools such as the Body Mass Index calculator.

Members that have been convinced and want to register for online access will need to click on the Member Portal Registration/Login box.  After the box is clicked users will be directed to a Member Portal page where registration can be achieved.  To register members will need to click on the New User Sign UP Now box.  Members that are already registered can use this page to login to their accounts by entering their email addresses and passwords in the appropriate fields.  Members that have questions or are in need of help can access the Frequently Asked Questions list or Help Manual for more information.


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