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Filing a Claim for the Zicam Class Action Settlement

  • Can be submitted online or through the mail
  • FAQs are provided within the class notice
  • Settlement Administrator can be contacted

The ingredients for a class action lawsuit often start to take shape when customers begin to believe that a certain product isn’t living up to its marketing claims.  A recent example of such a class action lawsuit can be found in the case called Melgar v. Zicam LLC and Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.  The lawsuit was filed over allegations that the Defendant violated state and federal law by making false and misleading claims about the effectiveness of certain Zicam branded products.  However, it shouldn’t go without being made clear that the Defendants deny the allegations made by the plaintiffs along with ANY wrongdoing.  The court responsible for making a decision one way or another has yet to make a ruling as the claim has come to a pending settlement valued at $16 MILLION.  Those who believe they are eligible for a chunk of the settlement (it sure seems like its going to be quite a few people) can begin by going to the Zicam Class Action Settlement page to file an online claim.

Just a Few More Items to Go Over

  • Products must have been purchased between February 15th, 2011 and June 5th, 2018
  • October 3rd, 2018 is the filing deadline for claims, exclusions requests, and objections
  • The hearing on whether to approve the settlement is set for November 15th, 2018
  • Those who don’t take action will get ZILCH (in other words make sure to file a claim!)

A full set of Frequently Asked Question can be reviewed by going through the class notice available at the Zicam Class Action Settlement page.  It should be pointed out that the 5th question listed in the FAQs provides a complete list of the products for which claims can be filed for.  Those who would rather file by mail can contact the Settlement Administrator and have a paper claim form sent.  The Settlement Administrator can also be contacted with questions about the settlement (because sometimes those FAQs just don’t cut it!).

Zicam Class Action Settlement Administrator 

  • PO Box 59479, Philadelphia, PA 19102-9479
  • Phone – 855-279-8685
  • Fax – 215-827-5551
  • info@rg2claims.com